sâmbătă, 23 iulie 2011

Because An Angel Should Never Tauch the Ground

Another memory , passes away, 
I'll never forget those eyes, 
That beautiful smile, 
I could never, never forget them,
The way you say goodbye, 
I still remember,....I did say that too
Now, ...I'm forcing you away,
I'll never forget those eyes, 
Your beautiful smile,..I can't just forget about it
But I end this Today, .....
Beautiful girl , On top of the world
Don't fall down , because an angel 
Should never touch the ground..,
You and me ...Were now on the edge of the last Goodbye
I'll ...never forget that smile, and your eyes..
..No matter how  hard i try..i can't forget about it.

sâmbătă, 2 iulie 2011

Words inside my soul

Please , let me breath, my bones are breaking from the pain,
I can't take any longer , please, i beg you let me begin
 I wont tell anyone, I will always smile, fading inside
Breaking!  From the pain I suffer  inside ,
Someone , help me, i don't want much, please just kill me
Don't let me suffer, is even worse than a knife wen i see them
Please let me be free from this pain , from the moment i cry
I don't what much , i just want to drawn in the ocean of sadness
And forget  any painful memories , let them behind,
Like my,...my hole person