miercuri, 31 august 2011

Last day of summer

Last day huh....wow nici nu imivine sa cred...adica....totul sa terminat atat de repede, trei luni de vara, inca putin si vine scoala, deja ma intreb cum va arata totul pana atunci, iarba frunzele totul va primi nuante de galben , oranj, gri, si brun, ....imi va fi dor de vara, intr-un fel...doar de caldura infernala nu:)) amuzant faptul ca astept scoala, dar orele nu prea...stiu ..aiurea....Al treilea an de liceu, alte peripetii pe capul meu..dar de data asta vreau sa fie diferit:)...vreau sa ma schimb..sa fiu puternica sa pot sa-mi inving toate temerile, sa reusesc sa creezceva doar pentru mine, sa fac lucrurile in propriile mele coluri..asemeni toamnei care va lua curand locul peisajului  varatic asa vreau si eu sa iau locul vechii eu..
Uratimi succes! >.<

sâmbătă, 27 august 2011

Your heaven is trying to break me down

 Another day in this place, another day wen I chose to lie . This had to be  heaven, but now it  resembles  the hell. But I'm sure for you it's the heaven, You can do whatever you want here.But ...I can't , I'm trapped between this four walls , like a bird trapped between her cage , only this cage of mine is bigger .
  But , I'm not a good bird, because  I always try to fly away, away  from you, From everything . Every time i lose a feather because of that...And I lose some strength , and I usually cry . I think i cry because I feel lonely, strange , maybe even if i know that i don't have someone there, i still wanna go.I , at least have my friends , even if I don't really know if i can trust them , they are still there right?
 Maybe they are not, but in this place , in this haven , this heaven that trying to keep me hurt  , I think I start to forget my way out .It seems I can't find my way home.The faces of those people i miss so much , start to fade as fast as they appeared , I'll never see them again .
  Your heaven is trying everything to break me down.You know this remembers me of a song, strange but i can still recall the lyrics , i think they were like this :

   Another day in this carnival of souls
   Another night settles in as quickly as it goes
   The memories are shadows, ink on the page
   And I can't seem to find my way home
     Resembles a lot with what I say, is like my own story  was written  between these lines .How can so many feelings fill the soul of a person? I still wonder , and I still keep the hope that soon enough i will break free .

duminică, 14 august 2011

Angels are ment to die

    With long white wings above a building, a young girl  is now looking towards sunset, she drops a tear and still want more, but where in the world would  someone miss her cry ... poor angel, she feels so much pain now, "there may be another way?" that her mother asked, but always received the same   response. The young is sick, and the light would no longer be able to see. The angel is breaking, she has a fragile body, and her soul was torn apart. Her hands are attached close to the body, the fear she felt, who understands? No one looks when they should .Who could say what she feels, who? When it seems that no one actually hears those words, even friends didn’t seem to hear what she was going trough .Everyone left her alone, and nobody seems to understand how is it to have the heart full of pain.... have you ever felt that you are so powerless? But enough now, nothing will change something, time passes and the angel falls to her knees. How many words she wanted to say, but no one would hear them, maybe if they had did it she won’t be here. But now …it doesn’t matter , is to late now…
     Someone raises his head to the sky and begins to observe shocked  the young girl, people begin to look to the sky curious, so what? Do you now want to change something?....
  From her  wings feathers begin to fall, leaving her  hands  to embrace her body , she  fall lightly on the sides thin, her eyes  are full of tears , but she smiles, whispers something, that no one would  hear it ... the last feather falls from the angels wing ,the tears are now pouring  and  she begins to tremble, she looks one more time to the strangers in the street . Then she falls.... she falls so fast, one moment and Boom.......! ... It was all over.... Shame to you people ... because you did nothing to save her... you just watched no matter how many you were, no one tried to save her.

luni, 8 august 2011

Cauta-ma printre stele

Nu plange , lacrimile nu vor schimba nimic, totul va ramane la fel, la fel de nesemnificativ, la fel de  gol. Cui ii pasa, poate nimanui, sau poate...Nu...pe cine pacalesc....Nu le-a pasat  cand au murit atatia, si sa le para rau pentru pierderea unui suflet...in comparatie cu 1000 unul e putin.
Da cui ii pasa...?....Ei bine mie imi pasa, Fiecare om are valoarea lui, fiecare conteaza, chiar daca nu putem sal aducem inapoi , chiar daca persoana aia nu era perfecta pentru toti, pentru unii era mai mult decat perfecta.
Dar ce  e si perfectiunea asta, din ce in ce mai multi oameni cauta perfectiunea in orice, haina perfecta, zambetul perfect,corpul perfect, parul perfect,... persoana perfecta.Va dati seama cat de  superficiali suntem?...Lumea isi pierde incetul cu incetul valoarea oar pentru ca viseaza la ceva ce pare absolut perfect, in loc sa priveasca in amanunt, si sa descopere ca micile imperfectiuni  sunt uneori cele mai frumoase lucruri.
      Ce conteaza daca nu avem zambetul perfect, sau nu purtam haina perfecta, sau nu ne purtam perfect, oare cum ar fi societatea perfecta? Ar fi trist...Pentru ca intro societate perfecta totul ar fi la fel, iar intrun sfarsit am claca, neam plictisi de acelasi lucruri, aceleasi chipuri perfecte, aceasi perfectiune.
        In loc sa cautam perfectiunea in orice, eu zic sa acceptam si micile imperfectiuni, uite , ca sati dovedesc ca cea ce spun are logica, Te Provoc! Te provoc ca macar pentru o zi sa uiti tot ce ti sa spus pana acum si fa o plimbare , Uita-te in jurul tau  la ceilalti, Te provoc sa nu judeci din prima, ci sa te uiti la chipurile lor, ai sa vezi ca fiecare e frumos in felul lui, Fiecare zambet e la fel e frumos, pentru ca impartaseste acelasi sentiment.!..