duminică, 22 mai 2011

I really miss you

I still look at your photo,
There is it , in the same old frame,
I want to broke her , but i cant,
I want to let go to this memory
But your still here, is still hurting
My heart is here but you are so far away
How can we be if you are so far away from me
Are you crying like me ? Are you still felling  the same?
I don't know what to say!
But i try, again and again in my head!
There is something ! I want to let go , but i can't!
Why! your asking, ? I don't now!
I just want to let go,
I want to be alone,
I know it will be cold , but i just ,T^T
Need some time alone ,
I know it's hard , but this is,
GOODBYE..goodbye to us, to all.

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