miercuri, 22 iunie 2011

Broken hearts

I smiled so much, sometimes i smiled even if inside i was all broke into so small pieces, the first time i thought I would never let someone hurt me like i was. But here i stand again , with my eyes wide and my tears running down my cheeks, like before , I've let myself fall for a boy, loved him to death, told him my feelings , and now i find out that he loves someone else , i'm really stupid right?
Why can't i just die?Why must I suffer so much, I should have known , he didn't liked me at all. Why do we always fall for the wrong person?...why can't we just find that person who loves us and then stay with her our hole life . That would be easy !... but who can i lie? I really   thought he was my special person, i really liked all about him, he looked like my " mister perfect' someone  who liked the same stuff i liked , that had  the same habits , but i guess i was wrong there too .
Life is a bitch you know, wen you wanna try again then she come and stab you in your back .:( I really wish that i could fly, that way I  could fly so far away that nobody would find me, and I would cry my soul out of my body .So many tell you that they understand you but the truth is they don't  really, yeah maybe they suffered of broken heart but nobody really understands  how the other feel.They just assume  they know. They try to help you but when your heart is in so many pieces maybe a hug is better than words .
                I found out something today, is better to love and to never know if the other loves you back , than to love and tell that person your feelings and then to be rejected, maybe i should have just let time pass and  let him help me forget about you .                        

                                           Love Andru Kiki  

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  1. Have patience, live your life to the fullest and maybe one day you'll find your person! I know it sounds cliche, not original, but is true.